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2011 and 2012 AJA wines were produced as California wines.  With the creation of the Malibu Coast American Viticulture Area, beginning with our 2013 vintage, AJA will henceforth be produced as a Malibu Coast wine.  The Malibu Coast AVA stretches approximately 20 miles along the southern California Malibu shore, venturing up into the Santa Monica Mountains.

The Malibu Coast AVA is an exceptional location for the cultivating of grapes because of its proximity to the Pacific Ocean, combined with its mountainous location.  AJA Vineyards with its mixture of rocky soils, humid ocean climate and dry hilltop climate make it an ideal place to grow grapes.  During the autumn and winter seasons, mountainous areas tend to be very dry.  However, with the introduction of ocean air, AJA Vineyards benefits from a cool refreshing environment that nurtures the grapes with a slight fog and a 20% to 30% humidity level. Moreover, being in southern California, these vineyards receive 12 months of frost free climate, and around twelve to sixteen inches of precipitation during the year in the mountains.

We are very lucky for such tremendous climate that makes our grapes excellent and our vines fruitful.

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