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AJA Vineyards

AJA Vineyards Malibu Coast Syrah

$ 38.00

Award-Winning Malibu Coast Syrah Wines by AJA Vineyards

When this wine hits the glass, you are greeted by a compelling bouquet with hints of blackberry, strawberry and vanilla.  A few moments later and a second swirl introduces subtle black pepper.  Pleasant mid-pallet tannins round out the experience with a nice mocha finish. Our Syrahs are wonderfully complex and a delight to the senses.  Drink some now and put some to sleep for 3-5 years for a treat!


  • Syrah (Clone Estrella)
  • 18-21 months in neutral oak
  • 13.9-14.6% Alcohol by Volume


Malibu Coast Syrah

Syrah is among the most popular red wines world-wide, and this variety of grape is especially suited to the Malibu Coast AVA (American Viticultural Area) region. The ocean breeze from the south and east, the rich soils of the Malibu Hills and the area's abundant bright sunlight create an ideal location for grape growing. 

This environment allows for the grapes to soak up all of the nutrients, sugars and acids during the day, and rest when it gets cool at night. As a result, the grapes will grow to their full potential, yielding well-balanced wines.

Is There a Difference Between Shiraz and Syrah?

Many people usually wonder if there is any difference between Shiraz and Syrah. Shiraz and Syrah are the same: The only difference is where the wines are grown. Shiraz is typically from Australia and South Africa. Most other places generally refer to the wine as Syrah. What matters is the clone. The clone we use in our AJA Syrah is called Estrella which was cultivated right here in California!

The alcohol levels of Shiraz and Syrah usually depend on the location of the vines and also on the area’s climate. Warmer temperatures allow for higher volumes of sugar, which means more alcohol, than the cooler temperatures which generally have less.

Enjoy Our Award-Winning Syrah

If you’d like to try a domestic wine with rich flavors that you can enjoy now or put away for later, AJA Vineyards Malibu Coast Syrah is an excellent choice. Place your order online today or find AJA wines near you.

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