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Welcome to AJA Vineyards, a Malibu Winery


Hi All!

Thanks for reading along. My name is Amanda Greenbaum and I'm the proprietor of AJA Vineyards!

My father started this winery in 2011, when I was just 14 years old. And we made it a goal of ours produce the best quality wines of Malibu. A vineyard near the beach? Count me in! AJA became the name of our winery standing for Alec, my younger brother, Jack, my youngest brother, and myself, Amanda. 

I decided that it's about time we start blogging a little about the winery and give you updates as our growing season progresses. Currently in our Malibu Estate Vineyards, it's the middle of bloom and fruit set. As we approach June, our coastline Cabernet Sauvignons, Syrahs, Sauvignon Blanc and other Bordeaux-varietal reds are getting ready for a fantastic year! We are trying to have the most sustainable efforts in our winemaking so rather than using chemicals like round up to kill the weeds, we are meticulously weed whacking so as to not disturb the vines and allow them to grow.

We're almost out of our 2015 Cab, our 2014 Prop Red Blend and our 2011 Syrahs & Proprietary Reds! We hope you'll check them out in our store!

We'll be sharing more updates via our social media outlets. We're doing an Instagram Live VLOG called Into the Vineyards weekly where we show you what's going on! We hope you'll join us this Friday at 1:30pm PST on Instagram Live!

That's all for now. We'll chat soon!



Amanda Greenbaum, CS,

Proprietor, AJA Vineyards



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